Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing gives good visibility to your job ad on social media, brings it closer to your target group and attracts large number of candidates.

You're visible on social media

(e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

You'll find a larger number of suitable candidates

You actively contribute to employer branding

What advertising channels we use?

Recruitment marketing campaign gives you the opportunity to share your job ad to the most popular social media channels according to your wishes. All ads are set up from social media accounts, which gives the ads reliability and ensures a convenient and fast service for the employer.

Recruitmet marketing - to whom and why?

Recruitment marketing campaign suits well for larger recruitments or simply for more difficult positions. It also helps employers actively contribute to employer branding, which is a good investment for the future recruitments.

- campaign will significantly increases the number of suitable candidates;

- allows company to reach passive candidates;

- increases awareness of the company in the labor market.

Recruitment marketing projects include job portal is one of the largest job portals in Estonia, which is visited by more than 300 000 candidates every month. Each candidate leaves a digital footprint, which allows us to effectively reach target audiences.

Data is the basis

We use the behavior patterns of visitors to find suitable candidates outside the job portal.

Job ad design

We help you to create an attractive job ad that stands out and create effective ad copy.

Project manager

Our project manager saves employers time and is responsible for the entire process.

Ad designs

Our project manager creates and tests various ads to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Ads work for you

Social media ads will give your job ad a good visibility and reach the suitable audience.

Summary and analysis

At the end of the campaign period, we'll send you ad performance and feedback on social media.

''I have been involved in recruitment marketing projects for a long time, helping employers raise their brand awareness and find the best candidates. As a marketer, I know how to choose the right channels to reach the target audience and be more visible as an employer. Recruitment marketing helps you take the first step yourself!''

- Karla Oder, Head of Marketing

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