Recruitment marketingon social media

Recruitment marketing gives good visibility to your job ad on social media and attracts large number of candidates. 25 000+ pairs of eyes on the most popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google).


Recruitment marketingstandard package


Recruitment marketingboosted package+


Recruitment marketing custom solution

If your job offer needs a little extra attention to increase the selection of candidates.

If it's difficult to find suitable candidates for your job offer and you are in hurry with recruiting.

If it's a very difficult position or a lot of candidates are needed at the same time.

For customized solutions, we need more detailed input.

Please contact us so that our recruitment team can recommend the best solution.

25 000 job ad viewers on social media on average

50 000 job ad viewers on social media on average

On average +500 visitors to the job ad

On average +1000 visitors to the job ad

Personalized ad design for your job ads on social media

Personalized ad design for your job ads on social media

*The visibility of recruitment marketing campaign packages is calculated on average based on previous campaigns and may vary depending on the position you are recruiting. VAT is added to package prices.

Don't know which package to choose? Let us know.

''I have been involved in recruitment marketing projects for a long time, helping employers raise their brand awareness and find the best candidates. As a marketer, I know how to choose the right channels to reach the target audience and be more visible as an employer. Recruitment marketing helps you take the first step yourself!''

- Karla Oder, Head of Marketing social media and development team have done a lot of work and relied on their long experience to make setting up the ad quick and easy for employers.

Flexible budget

Choose yourself how much you want to spend on the service. In addition, you can choose whether to pay by card or invoice. The minimum fee for the service is 50€ per job advertisement.

Advertising does its job

We display ads on popular channels on Facebook, Instagram and Google ad placements. Ads are displayed according to the location indicated in the offer and in the nearby area in order to achieve maximum visibility of the job ad.

Job ad gets more attention

Thanks to automatic advertising, you can reach specialists in your field with your job ad who do not actively visit the job portals. Target group is automatically set according to the category you specify whet setting up the service.

What advertising channels we use?

Recruitment marketing campaign gives you the opportunity to share your job ad to the most popular social media channels according to your wishes. All ads are set up from social media accounts, which gives the ads reliability and ensures a convenient and fast service for the employer.

Recruitmet marketing - to whom and why?

Recruitment marketing campaign suits well for larger recruitments or simply for more difficult positions. It also helps employers actively contribute to employer branding, which is a good investment for the future recruitments.

- campaign will significantly increases the number of suitable candidates;

- allows company to reach passive candidates;

- increases awareness of the company in the labor market.

Don't know which package to choose? Let us know.

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