How to get more candidatesto your job ads?

There are many different ways to upload attractive and effective job ads. In addition to thought out content, you should definitely use some of the additional services. job portal offers several effective additional services that help to significantly increase the number of candidates and the visibility of your job ads.

Popular services

Premium listing

Job ad is permanently displayed in one of the selected categories for seven days among the first job offers.

Company can choose the appropriate category from the job portal options and activate the service independently.

The number of premium job offers is limited and therefore no premium job offer will go beyond the front page of the category.

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Auto refresh

Job ad is automatically updated every day within 24 hours and it temporarily rises to the first place under the premium job ads in the category. Job ad is updated in all marked categories at once.

There is no limit to the number of job ads with automatic updates, and the additional service can be applied to all advertisements.

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Social media ad package

Social media advertisement gives your job ad good visibility on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and helps you to reach target audience.

All job ads are targeted on social media according to the criteria in the job advertisement (for example, the location of the job). Learn more from here.

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E-mail to target group

CV-Online recruiter performs a database search according to the criteria indicated by the company, the job offer and experience in the field.

Candidates who appear in the search, and who meet the specific criteria, will be sent an e-mail invitation to apply for job ad.

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Database search is the largest database of jobseekers in Estonia. Searches can be made on candidates' work experience or preferences for new jobs, education, language skills and computer skills, etc.

You can save search results to your company profile and get notifications about new suitable CVs.

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Unlock job adviewers information

Unlocking the information of job ad viewers gives you the opportunity to see logged in users who have viewed job ad, saved it or clicked on the "Apply" button. Learn more from here.

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Complete packages to find best candidates just for your company

Tests for candidates

In addition to our experience, we also assess the candidate skills and personal qualities.


We map salary expectations, previous experience or help with other necessary pre-selection activities.


In addition to the database, we also look for candidates matching the profile in other channels.

Help with the value proposition

Based on our experience, we help to put together an attractive offer that is appealing to the candidates.

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