Creating a CV

CV (curriculum vitae) is your business card for applying for a job and creating a great first impression. Its purpose is to show the employer that you are suitable for the job offered.

It's important to have a properly written CV and to think about the requirements for a certain position before applying.

Your CV should state as precisely as possible what your current skills, experience and expectations are. A well-constructed CV emphasizes on your skills and attributes that the employer is looking for in a candidate.

Golden rules

  • Be honest!
  • Make sure there are no typos in your document.
  • It must be well-structured, clear and unambiguous.
  • Be specific and include most important things only.
  • It is a formal document – avoid narrative/casual speech and slang.
  • Emphasize your strengths, but don't skimp on skills you don't have.
  • For contact address, use your personal e-mail address. Odd examples include:,,
  • If you decide to add a photo, make sure it is polite and sharp – don't send inappropriate pictures!

How to insert a new & outstanding CV

Inserting a CV consists of 6 simple steps. We will teach you how to gain visibility among employers with your CV.

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Building a CV

To insert a new CV, log in to your accound and click the "Add new CV" button.

Step 1 - personal data

When inserting a new CV, your personal information should be filled in. First and last name along with e-mail are mandatory components of the CV. They are needed in order to identify and contact the candidates. We recommend inserting other types of data under personal information as well.

PS! As mentioned before, we recommend adding a polite photo to your CV.

Step 2 - work experience

Work experience is one of the main criteria that most employers follow. It shows your previous experience and gives the employer an idea of whether you are best suitable for the position offered.

NB! We recommend adding a description of the work experience as well - mark a more detailed description about your job and tasks that you were responsible for.

Step 3 - education

The highest level of acquired education is usually the most important. Generally it is not necessary to indicate all your educational background starting from primary school. By not doing so will make the CV more compact and easier to spot.

Step 4 - licenses and certifications

In most cases, it covers additional training that you have completed and for which you can provide a proof. You can add the license or certificate as a file so that the employer can see the confirmation.

Step 5 - languages

In our new system, it is mandatory to indicate at least one language skill. Additionally, the language level should be indicated. We have set aside explanatory marks for each language level to make it easier to assess your level.

Step 6 - skills

Our new job portal has placed great emphasis on the specific skills of the candidates. In the skills box, you can write all your actual skills that you would like to show employers. These can be both soft and specific skills.

Specific skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, MS Excel, Java, Python, marketing, sales.

Soft skills: results-oriented, analytical, great communicator, empathetic listener, innovative and creative, courageous speaker, problem solver, resilient, adaptable, independent, conscientious, detail oriented, strategic thinker, cooperative, quick decision-making, great learner, persuasive.

Expectations and additional information
In addition to previous work experience, expectations give you an idea of your personal expectations for your future employer. Thus the employer can immediately decide whether their offer matches your criteria. Under additional information you could add referrals, additional files etc.

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CV example

Personal data

Name: Siivi Online
Phone number: +372 6990 555
Date of birth: 01.01.1996
Location of residence: Tallinn, Harjumaa


Sales consultant 03.2017 – ... (present)

Raamatuäri OÜ - Sales

Active telemarketing, finding new customers, managing existing customer base,

preparation of sales offers.

Administrator 09.2016 – 02.2017 (6 months)

Spordiklubi AS - culture / arts / entertainment / sport

Customer service, sales of services, issuance of customer cards.


University of Tartu 2013 – 2016

Economy / business management, International business management

Bachelor's thesis „The role of marketing in Estonian companies“.

Tallinn 32nd Secondary School 2008 – 2012

Secondary education


Telephone communication and sales  2017

Issued by: Konsultatsioonid AS

English for Advanced  2016

Issued by: Keeltekool OÜ


Estonian: C2 - mastery or native language

English: C1 - expert

Russian: B2 - upper intermediate

Finnish: B1 - intermediate


MS Excel, Adobe, PhotoShop, MS Word, MS Power Point, Adobe Illustrator, telemarketing,

accounting, marketing, sales, communication, great listener, leadership skills.


Desired job categories: sales, management, administrative work, marketing / advertising

Occupations: marketing specialist, office manager, sales specialist

Location: Tallinn or its surroundings

Working hours: full-time

Salary expectation: 1100€ (net)


Mari Mets

Raamatuäri OÜ - sales manager

+372 6990 555

Mari Mets

Spordiklubi AS - HR manager

+372 6990 555


About me
I believe that my way of thinking can influence others. I am a great communicator who can ask and listen, and this is how I get to know the opinions of others. I am prone to change and subject to leadership. Politically sensitive; I base my decisions on facts and figures. I am considered to be a perfectionist and strive to please others because I always try to do what is right and expected of me.

Professional literature:

Chris Voss ''Never Split the Difference''

Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends & Influence People"

Les Giblin "Skill With People"

Dustin Hillis "Navigate - Selling the Way People Like to Buy"

Frank Bettger "How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling"

Tarmo Tamm "Must vöö müügis"

Grant Cardone "Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life"

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The new CV on our job portal helps you to stand out better and find the job of your dreams.

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