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CV-Online new advanced CV database search brings new level user experience by providing more filters and showing more precise results of matching candidates.

Adding search rules can be done from this link and they will go in the end of the list of filters.

Filter logic

Filters are tied into categories, which can be clicked open and there you will find actual filters.

Filter types

Keyword filter

There are few different principal types of filters – Keywords, one example is “Search over the whole CV” which is the default filter that is open right away.  

Matching logic for keyword filters

Match type: Exact match / Partial match / Does not contain

  • Exact match – matches one or more keywords letter by letter.
  • Partial match – the letters have to be in the word, can be part of the word so typing in “manag” will get you “manager”, as well as “management”.
  • Does not contain – looks for exact match to exclude that specific word; if it is part of the word, the result will still show up.

Here are the examples of matching logic:

It will search over the whole CV by looking for the exact match of keyword “Sales manager”

It will search over the whole CV by looking for the exact match of keyword “Sales” and keywords which contain letters “manag”, e.g. manager, management.

It will search over the whole CV by looking for the exact match of keyword “Sales manager” by excluding CVs containing keyword “B2C”.

 ! Side remark for the whole section: capitalization of letters does not matter (it is not case sensitive)

Categorical filters

Logic which is pretty much self-explanatory – so the CV must contain or must exclude.

AND / OR logic

The general logic is that in between the filters it is always AND logic. 

So having two separate filters means that is has to meet conditions of the first filter AND the second filter. 


The results have to include all CVs containing exact match of word “Sales” AND at least one word containing letters “manag”.

Same goes for any other kind of combination of filters – between filters always AND, inside the filter always OR.


Meaning that the last area of work experience in the CV can be Media/public relations OR Marketing/advertising


Last VS All previous positions

Just noting that now it can be searched separately Last VS All previous positions. 

Same type of filters are employer names underneath them. 

Last positions and All previous positions are the only filters where our system proposes results. You can insert your own keyword, but our system is suggesting results to the user. No other keyword type filters currently do propose keywords based on inserted characters.

Location of residence

Some filters like "Location of residence" have no exclusion options.

CV modified after

One of the filters that is maybe a bit unique is the "Other" > "CV modified after" filter which filters out the CV-s that are not older than the number of months marked with a number. It is calculated so that 1 month equals during 30 days from the moment of conducting the search and 2 months means 60 days from the moment of conducting the search. 

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