How to hide contact information on your CV?

When creating a CV, you can choose how much of your information you want to disclose. For example, it's a good idea to hide your contact information if you're not currently looking for a job or don't want to apply.

CVs with hidden contact information cannot be found in our database and the contact information of the candidate cannot be viewed. CVs with public contact information are visible in our database, and contact information can be viewed by anyone with access to the database, even if the job seeker is not applying for a specific job. You can change the visibility of your contacts at any time.

Public vs. hidden contact information

See what contact information is shown on the CV if your contacts are either public or hidden.



Name, e-mail, birth date, location, phone


Educational institution

Companies' names (experience)

Job titles





Driving licenses/languages


How to hide your contacts?

You can hide your data by logging in to your account and clicking the "Hide my contacts" button. If your CV information and contacts have been hidden, employers will not see your personal information or the companies you have worked for before. Only your work experience will be highlighted in the search.

We will teach you how to hide your contact information on your CV and show you what a CV with hidden contacts will look like.

Step 1 - Open your CV

Log in to your account and click on "CV-s" under your name.

Step 2 - Hide your contacts

Clicking on the three dots to the right of your CV name opens a selection of different activities.

From there, select "Hide my contacts".

Contact information is now hidden in your CV.

How to make your contact information public again?

You will now see in orange that your contacts are hidden. However, if you want to make your contact information public again, click on the "Show contacts" button.

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What does a CV with hidden contacts look like?


Sales consultant 

Company name - (hidden) - Sales

March 2017 – Currently working


Company name - (hidden) - Culture / arts / entertainment / sport

September 2016 – February 2017 (6 months)

Description - (hidden)

Social worker

Company name - (hidden) - Healthcare / social care

July 2012 – August 2016 (Approximately 4 years)


School name - (hidden)

Higher education, Economy / business management, International business management

2013 – 2016

Description - (hidden)

School name - (hidden) 

Secondary education

2008 – 2012

Description - (hidden)


Estonian: C2 - mastery or native language

English: C1 - expert

Russian: B2 - upper intermediate

Finnish: B1 - intermediate


MS Excel, Adobe, PhotoShop, MS Word, MS Power Point, Adobe Illustrator, telemarketing, accounting, marketing, sales, communication, great listener, leadership skills.


Desired job categories: sales, management, administrative work, marketing / advertising

Occupations: marketing specialist, office manager, sales specialist

Location: Tallinn or its surroundings

Working hours: full-time

Salary expectation: 1100€ (net)


Telephone communication and sales

Trainer - (hidden)

2017, Estonia

English for Advanced

Trainer - (hidden)

2016, Estonia

Driving licenses


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