Writing a motivation letter

A motivation letter is a document detailing your professional skills and previous experience that complements your CV. It helps showing your best side and describes your suitability for the position. A well-written motivation letter can convince recruiters to invite you for an interview.

Golden rules to follow

i.e. what should be kept in mind?

Start by introducing yourself, describe previous experiences/skills and compare these to job requirements. Add your contact information.

If the job advertisement includes questions that you’re expected to answer in the motivation letter, make sure you answer them as well. 

Emphasize your strengths, but be honest and do not pretend to have skills or experience that you do not have.

Keep in mind that it is a formal letter. Use common fonts, such as Times New Roman or Arial, and font size 11-12.

Make sure that there are no typos in your motivation letter. Max. length should be kept within 0.5 - 1 pages. Keep to the point and try to avoid narrative/casual speech, slang.

Include a justification or motivation for applying to the position and describe the value you could provide for the organization.

See example below

Dear representative of CV-Online OÜ,

I would like to apply for the position of sales specialist of CV-Online, because I believe that my previous experience and current interests are a match for the offered position.

I have worked in sales for almost three years: the reason why I chose this path lies in my good skill of self-expression and my ability to offer the best existing solutions to the problems of clients. I have worked in sales aimed at both private and corporate clients and the latter is my true calling – I am able to understand the needs of corporate clients and offer solutions to them. I like to be constantly developing – I read professional literature in my free time and I have participated in several sales training events. I am a fast learner, I consider myself very ambitious and always achieve my goals.

What motivates me to apply for this position? I care about your company’s area of activity and I am personally interested in contributing to the field of human resources. I believe that people are a company’s biggest asset and I want to contribute and help companies find the right people. It is also an exciting challenge for me, because I haven’t worked in HR before.

I have enclosed my CV with this motivation letter, where you will find information on my prior work experience, in-service training and the computer software I can use. I would be able to start in the new position as soon as possible. I am happy to answer any questions you may have at your convenience. You can call me on 555 55555 or send an email to siivi.online@gmail.com.

Kind regards,

Siivi Online

In the first paragraph, explain which position you’re applying for and add your reasons.


In the second paragraph, describe your prior experience and skills. Try to find parallels between the requirements in the job advertisement and your personal qualities and experience. Don’t duplicate the information in your CV, but add something to it or highlight something new


The third paragraph is the most important part of the motivation letter, where you have to explain what motivates you to apply for the position. Explain the added value you will bring to the company. This information will make you stand out among other candidates with the same background.


The last paragraph is for additional information. You can indicate when you could start in the job and add your contact details..


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