Which CV-Online recruitmentservice to choose?

In order to know which recruitment service to choose, it is first necessary to define the problem you want to solve.

Recruitment service is most often outsourced due to lack of

in-house time or recruitment knowledge.

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Set your goals

Recruitment solutions are often determined by the problem you are trying to solve. Our customers are mostly companies that want to recruit people who are harder to find. On the other hand, companies use recruitment services due to the large number of candidates, which makes the selection process time-consuming.

Complexity is determinedby several factors  

Job location

It is always easier to look for candidates in bigger cities. It is more difficult to recruit in smaller places, where there is already less people on the labor market.



Are the competencies or skills required for the job role specific? For example, certain technical skills, language skills, etc.?


Job experience

Is working experience important in this job role? Does the job require a highly skilled specialist?


Working time

Is working time normal or does your company operate on weekends, at night or on a schedule?



Is the salary competitive and negotiable?


Three main recruitment services

Our recruitment services portfolio has three main recruitment services, from which the client can choose the one that suits the best: full-selection, headhunting, pre-selection. A combined solutions are often provided. In order for recruitment project managers to be able to recommend a suitable service solution, it is necessary to fill in a job profile in advance.


This service is suitable for clients who want to outsource the entire recruitment and selection process and participate only in the evaluation of the final round with the strongest candidates.

This is a good opportunity to receive comprehensive and professional project management from a single place and save at least 25 hours of working time.

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Headhunting is suitable for clients who recruit people who are difficult to attract in the job market, be it due to the lack of a specific job profile, demand or the specificity of the required competencies.

Searching for candidates from different channels in addition to the CV.ee database. The main additional channels are LinkedIn, FB groups, company websites, professional association pages and other places containing public data where the target group is represented.

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Pre-selection service is suitable for clients who will most likely attract the attention of more than the average number of candidates (starting from 50 candidates) and where the main focus of the selection process is on assessing the initial suitability of the candidates.

We recommend this service with short screening interviews.

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Wide range of additional activities

Candidate tests

In addition to experience, we also assess the candidate skills and personal qualities.


We map the candidate salary wish, previous experience etc.

Headhunting activities

In addition to the CV.ee database, we also look for candidates matching the profile in other channels.

Help with creating an attractive offer

Based on our experience, we help to put together an attractive job offer to the candidates.



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A valuable employee is a wise investment in the development of the company.

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Kaire Kleesment

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